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Dance Lessons


A private lesson moves at your pace and you have the undivided attention of the teacher. Learn to dance for social purposes or prepare for competition or performance. Read more…


We conduct Bridal lessons as ‘Private’ lessons, two on one with the teacher. You choose a song & we compliment the music with the waltz, jive or anything between – the choice is yours. Read more…


We follow the Australian National Dance Association (ANDA) medal program. This program offers all styles & grades from Elementary up to Oscar for all ages – junior and senior. Read more…


Our classes cover the 3 styles of ballroom dancing – Modern or Standard, Latin American & New Vogue Sequence. Classes are ongoing throughout the year over the duration of 8 weeks. Read more…


These fun-filled classes are for children 4 yrs to Year 12 students & cover 3 styles of ballroom dancing. They are held on Monday afternoon & run over the school term. Read more…


Ballroom dancing is a gentle, low-impact aerobic exercise, keeping your mind and body coordinated and fit! We have partnered with U3A Nepean to run these classes for their Senior members. Read more…

What Our Dancers Say About Us

After just 3 nights in the Adult Beginner Class, I attended my first Social Practice Night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Lots of fun dancing with a group of happy friendly people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Wilma V.

I have wanted to learn Ballroom Dancing all of my life, but somehow the years raced past and life got in the way.

At long last I am delighted to be in the U3A beginner’s Class and would like to say a big “thank you” to Therese Walz for your patience, your sense of humour and your dedication to teaching us how to dance well!

I would also like to thank you so much for giving your time and talent to us and to U3A so freely.


TheU3A Ballroom Dancing Classes held at the Penrith Ballroom Dancing Studio most capably taught by Therese Walz might also be described as wellbeing classes for seniors as they incorporate many of the skills and activities recommended to improve and maintain the mental, Social and physical aspects of Senior citizens lives.

The lessons are skilfully crafted by Therese, so that the steps and skills involved in each of the dances are developed at a pace suited to the needs of the participants, and are imparted with infinite patience (for which we males are very grateful).

The dances taught will allow the beginners to enjoy and take part in dancing at most social gatherings.  A great feature is the happy atmosphere in which the classes are run and the encouragement given as we progress.

Numerous exercises are recommended by medical organisations for the maintenance of fitness, balance and flexibility. Many of these activities are a part of the dances taught. 

Social aspects include the happy group of students who attend and the Saturday evening dance held once a month. Thank you Therese. 

Peter Brodie

I didn’t know there was so much to the Jive, I really enjoyed it.  Other people show you steps, Therese teaches you how to dance.

Jen H.

We have been attending Therese’s day and evening classes and she has such a great teaching technique always with a sense of humour and infinite patience.

Alan and Loraine

I really enjoyed the Tango lesson.  Dancing with Therese is quite an experience!

Valerie P.

Therese, you are a wonderful teacher, you explain things very clearly, take time to help anyone who is struggling, you have a lot of patience and are able to communicate well with both adults and children alike.

Josip K.